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1. I want to make my own customized animation. How do I order one?

Mail us 2 videos: underwater and above-the-water videos of yourself swimming at least 25 yards at race pace. Both the underwater video and the above-the-water video should be taken from the side (either side is OK). The video tapes should be clearly labeled with your name, address and strokes to be animated (e.g., John Smith, 1234 Main St., Hollywood, CA 92345; butterfly). We prefer if you include both the underwater and above-the-water videos of yourself on the same video cassette tape.

2. How long will it take to create my own customized animation?

Due to the growing demand for our services, please understand it will take 5-10 days to create your animation. Add another week for mailing both to and from Japan where the animations are created. Therefore, we will endeavor to create and post your animations within 4 weeks. Please understand that we will try to work faster.

3. Where do I send my videos?

Please airmail your videos to, 1-19-1, Shinmatsudo, Matsudo-City, Chiba, Japan §270-0035. Please understand that we will not return your video tapes to you.

4. How do I pay for my customized animations?

You can pay for your customized animations by credit card.
5. What kind of customized animations do you offer?
You can order a Single Module (side view only) or a Quad Module (front, side, top and diagonal views). It takes more effort and time to create a Quad Module so the prices are different. There are 26 total angles that you can view your customized animation. However, the purchase of all angles is not necessary for everyone. In addition, you can further customize your animation by adding your name or team name on the swim suit and/or swim cap. Therefore, we have created a multi-tiered price structure:

Single Module (per stroke)
Basic Animation: 4 angles (front, back, side, diagonal) = US$100
Premium Animation: 12 different angles = US$200
Deluxe Animation: 26 different angles (maximum) = US$250

Quad Module (per stroke)
Basic Animation: 4 angles (front, back, side, diagonal) = US$120
Premium Animation: 12 different angles = US$300
Deluxe Animation: 26 different angles (maximum) = US$350

Addition of Name on Swim Suit or Cap = US$25

6. What if I cannot provide both an underwater and above-the-water videos of myself?

If you cannot provide an underwater video of yourself swimming, then we cannot create an animation that absolutely accurately depicts your actual stroke technique. However, our animation process can extrapolate your stroke technique and can provide our best guess as to what your stroke looks underwater.

7. Where can I see my customized animation?

You can see your customized animation on After you register, you will receive a password. Please use this password to access our Animation Gallery where you can see and manipulate your very own customized animation.

8. Can I show my customized animation to my friends, parents, children and coaches?

Yes, of course. You can share your password with those who you want to show your customized animation. Your password will allow your coach, friends, parents, college recruiters, neighbors, reporters or children to access and enjoy your swimming avatar.

9. What is an avatar?

An online virtual body or character.

10. I am a coach and want to create special access to my entire team on Is this possible?

Yes, we highly encourage coaches to create team rooms on You and the entire team can have one password where all the team swimmers can post their own swimming avatars. This will allow you as the coach to have either individual or team meetings where everyone can view and analyze each otherŐs strokes in a convenient manner.

11. Can teams receive a price discount?

Yes, if 10 or more members on the same team order together, there is a 10% discount per individual. If 25 or more members on the same team order together, there is a 25% discount per individual. If 50 or more members on the same team order together, there is a 50% discount per individual. The maximum discount is 60%. In these cases, the coach or a team representative can coordinate directly with Virtual-Swim at
Team Discount Summary

10 or more team members order together: 10% discount per individual
25 or more team members order together: 25% discount per individual
50 or more team members order together: 50% discount per individual
Note: 60% is the maximum discount

12. Where are you located?

Our company has 2 primary locations: Orange County, California and Chiba, Japan.

13. Who is behind this company?

2 individuals who wish to bring an entertaining, enjoyable and educational element to intermediate and competitive swimmers and water polo players. The first is Norihisa Yaegashi, a former Japanese national-level swimmer who has created aquatic avatars for Japanese TV programs and animations for World Swimming Championships TV broadcasts in Japan. The second is Steven Munatones, an American who has coached at several World Swimming Championships and is the creator of, and many other websites and software systems.

14. If I have suggestions or ideas for your website or service, who can I contact?

Please feel free to contact


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